A network that provides you with covering, guidance & resources to succeed in your ministry.
Edify your ministry, establish connections, receive mentorship and build your influence.
At the Supernatural Global Network, we can help you achieve your God given goals!
How we can help you grow
We create a step by step path to help your ministry grow and fulfill its purpose. We will teach and impart strategies that have helped hundreds of leaders succeed in ministry for over 25 years. The Supernatural Global Network exists under the leadership of Guillermo Maldonado.

You will receive:
  • Spiritual Leadership and Guidance
  • Strategies and Activations
  • Deliverance and Miracles
  • Networking and Kingdom Relationships
  • Personal and Ministerial Transformation
We offer you a network where you will be equipped to succeed
Supernatural Global Network Leaders
Receive exclusive access to resources, mentorship and spiritual paternal covering. The leaders network provides a more profound relationship to help you succeed in ministry. There are prerequisites required to join and a one-time $100 fee to apply.

  • Guidance for those who would like to learn about the vision of our ministry.
  • Access to first-hand information about events within our ministry.
  • Ministerial and personal support for your ministry and family.
  • Exclusive leadership videos from Guillermo Maldonado's discipleships
  • Access to videos and resources that will help develop your church or ministry.
  • Special programs and live training, such as round tables and online seminars.
  • Special discounts, seating and private impartations at our events.
  • Exclusive leadership gatherings.
  • Exclusive access to our online Vision School and video on demand platform
Example of resources provided
Classes given that can help leaders grow in ministry
Apostle Shammah Apwam
Apostle Shammah has been a follower of Christ for more than 30 years...
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Apostle Edgar and Prophet Ruth Ortuno
They had a church with about 300 members when they first...
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Apostle Elena Posarelli
Apostle Elena has been under the Supernatural Global Network...
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Our team
Pastors Alejandro & Belkys Morales
Pastors Alejandro and Belkys Morales are the Co-Directors of the Supernatual Global Network...
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Pastor Carmen Capo
Director of Operations
Pastor Carmen is the director of operations for the Supernatual Global Network department...
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Maria Narvaez
Administrative Assistant
Maria Narvaez is an administrative assistant in the Supernatural Global Network department...
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